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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pirate cake and cupcakes

These were for our friend Cason's 3rd birthday. He loves pirates and of course his mommy had a pirate themed birthday complete with costumes for each child that attended the party.  I loved the way it all turned out minus the mast that just wouldn't come together. It was so cute but just wouldn't stay together. Oh well. I love the pirate and his mates and the cupcakes even though they took forever were super cute. I think the kids liked the chocolate pirate ships better than the cupcakes. They were so excited they could eat them! All in all a successful start back post surgery.

An offical shout out to my sister Jessica! I couldn't have made it through the weekend with out her help!

fondant captian complete with hook
and earring!

Cupcakes with chocolate pirate ships
and idividual pirates.

He is just too cute!


  1. LOVE IT!!! They looked so cute!!

  2. Becky, these are awesome!! Especially post surgery :) Love the fondant pirates.