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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monkey cupcakes

Monkey fondant toppers for cupcakes

Western sheet cake

Trying to change up the sheet cake some. I added the solid block color center and the rope border details.
This again was for Mercy Stables.

Western cake

A very popular combo, bandana print and cow print combined. I added a butter cream rope border the this one.

1st birhtday golf cake

This mom knew exactly what she wanted for her son's first birthday. I love the classic parts and the more whimsical combined. The birthday boy also had a giant golf ball smash cake that was just like the top of the big cake.

Peace sign cake

These are all diffent shades of butter cream peace signs hand drawn on the cake. Love the polka dot peace sign effect.

polka dot cake

high heel cake #2

A customer loved the other high heel cake but needed it to be bigger so I decided to add another shoe.

Golf themed cake

This cake was a lemon cake with lemon curd filling. The golf balls and golf clubs are fondant.

Bandana print and horse cake

This was for a friend's suprise birthday party. Her boyfriend did a great job surprising her!

1st birthday cupcake

A good friend wanted to do the cupcake theme for her daughter's first birthday. The giant cupcake was used as a smash cake and I drew the large cupcake to match on the sheet cake.

Zebras stripes cake

A customer saw the other zebra cake I had done and wanted one for her birthday. I decided to change it up just a little. I really liked the added satin bow.

40th birthday cake

A good friend asked for a cake to surprise her husband on his 40th birthday. I loved the polka dots with the writing on it. This was chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.

High heel cake

My OB called and asked for a cake for his wife's bday. He said he wanted to do a high heel. I didn't have time to make a gumpaste on since it was a last minute call but I found this cute little hot pink and black one and decorated around it.

Camo cake

Chocolate cake with chocolate icing. The camo is done in fondant.

Guitar cake

This birthday boy wanted a blue and red guitar on his cake so that is what he got!

Zebra stripes birthday cake

Zebra stripes and hot pink, what else could a 10 year old ask for in a birthday cake?

bass guitar cake

This was for my dad's birthday. He plays the bass guitar so I modeled this one after one of his favorites, his red one. Happy Birthday, Daddy! I love you!!

20th birthday navy cake

This was for a man in the navy for his 20th birthday.

3D car cake

This 3D car cake was for a little boys first birthday. The colors matched his favorite wooden cars along with his cute little smash cake.

Black and white gingham birthday cake

Black and white gingham with red accents to match an apron birthday girl was getting for her birthday.

30th birthday present cake

This was for a 30th birthday in December. The customer wanted it to look like a present and used the bright greens, red, and whites for Christmas.

80th birthday cake

80th birthday cake

Owl and paisley print cake

This is another one of my favorites and it was definatley a labor of love. The paisley print matched the fabric that was used at the party for decorations along with the large polka dots. I loved how sweet this owl turned out.

Hippy cake

This was for my husband's cousin's 18th birthday. Cassie was one of the flower girls in our wedding. I can't believe she is 18 already! The mushroom was copied from one she has hanging in her room. The peace signs were tie dyed fondant. She LOVED her cake! Happy Birthday, Cassie!

3D Barn cake

This 3D barn cake was made for a birthday party at Mercy Stables.

Hippy flowers, peace sign, and tie dye birthday cake

This was made to match a peace sign/hippy themed birthday party. The inside of the cake was tie dyed with bright colors. I didn't get a picture of the inside but was told it was super cool!

Camo, skull and crossbones cake

This cake was made to match the birthday boys invitations.

Little Red Wagon Cake

This little red wagon was for Fisher's first birthday. I love this little red wagon cakes, they are just too cute.

39th birthday cake

39th birthday cake for a friend's husband.

Bowling cake 2

This was for a lady who love to bowl.

40th birthday cake

This cake was for a suprise 40th birthday Halloween party. The grave yard worked into the theme perfectly. This was a chocolate cake with a peanut butter ganache and chocolate butter cream.

The Little Mermaid Ariel cake 2

This little mermaid cake was made for a great customer of mine. Lauren loves The Little Mermaid so of course she had to have it for her theme this year. I have so much fun with the sea/underwater theme cakes with the coral, flowers, and waves. Ariel was added to the top at the party and the mom had bought picks to put in the cupcakes as well.

Present picture smash cake

This sweet little cake was used as a smash cake for a 1st birthday photo shoot. I think the little guy tore it apart before many pictures were taken and then didn't want to eat cake. I totally feel the mom's pain. Why is it that when we really want a particular thing, the kids just won't cooperate? :)

Georgia Bulldogs-girl version cake

This is a more sophisticated version for a big Georgia fan. This was lemon cake with lemon curd filling and traditional butter cream.

Tea pot cake

This is still one of my favorite cakes. I live vicariously through my customers that have daughters. This was for a friend of mine's daughter. They had a princess tea party and Maggie wanted a tea pot cake. I just love it. It looked beautiful on the table with all the tea goodies, too.

Bandana print cakes

Birthday cakes for twin girls having their party at  Mercy Stables.

Jack-o-lantern cake and cupcakes

A friend asked for this  jack-o-lantern cake and cupcakes for her daughter's Halloween birthday party. These were so cute and looked great at the party. It was so much fun! Happy Birthday, Heidi!

Owl 1st birthday cake

This cake was made to match the birthday girl's invitations. I just love the owls and thought they turned out super sweet.

Princess cake #2

A smaller take on the big princess castle I did before but just a picture perfect. This is a square cake and I made to towers and turretts out ice cream cones dipped in melted chocolate. Fondant and hand drawn accents were added as well. The birthday girl's mom added her favorite princess characters to the cake at the party.

30th dots and stripes cake

A friend from high school contacted me about doing a cake for his wife's suprise 30th birthday. He did a great job picking everythign out and the cake matched perfect with his decor. I loved this one!

Flowers and butterflies cake

This customer wanted a cake for his mother along with a cake he was getting for his wife. His mom's favorite things are flowers and butterflies so I combined the two for this cake.

Zebra stripes and polka dots cake

This customer asked for a cake to match her daughter's first birthday outfit. I loved how these turned out.