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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birthday-shower cake combo

A friend asked for a cake for a co-worker that was for her birthday and bridal shower. I decided to go simple with just some floral accents. I love these summertime girly cakes!

Wonder pets cake

A friend asked for a Wonder Pets cake for her daughter's 3rd birthday. I just love little Winnie, Tuck, and Ming Ming. They turned out really cute! This is butter cream with hand drawn accents.  

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake

For my sweet baby's birthday I chose to do his most favorite cartoon, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. After lots of searching I decided to do the 3D clubhouse. It was surprising simple as far as 3D cakes go. The hardest thing was finding the Mickey Mouse characters. Thankfully a friend happened to be going near a Disney Store Outlet and got them for me! Thanks again, Tracy!! I must say, that sometimes I even amaze myself at what I can do with cake materials and this was one of those times. I loved and it and my baby LOVED it even more. That made it all worth while. Happy 2nd Birthday my precious Wesley! Mommy loves you!

Hot pink baby feet

A customer asked for a tiered cake with hot pink baby feet, polka dots, stripes, bow, and the baby's name. I loved how this turned out! This is white chocolate cake with cream cheese filling, vanilla butter cream, and fondant accents.

Airplane cake #2

An old friend from high school asked for an airplane cake for a baby shower to match the invitations and baby's nursery. I loved how it turned out.  This is white cake with buttercream icing and fondant icing.

Pea in a pod cake

I got a call from and old high school chum needing a baby shower cake. She decided to go with a design to match the invitations, a cute little baby in a pea pod. This is a strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting and fondant accents.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Conan cake

My lil sis is crazy about Conan. So when it came time for her birthday she of course wanted hi likeness on a cake. She actually drew the picture I and I copied her drawing in icing form. She loved it so much she wouldn't let us cut into Conan, we just had to eat around him!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Care Bear Cake

This was for a 3rd birthday. The daughter wanted the pink Care Bear for her cake. Cheer Bear sure is a cute one!

Airplane cake

A customer asked for a Father's Day cake for her husband who is a pilot. Her daughter helped pick out something she liked and the orange airplane for some reason turned out to be my favorite of the 3 on the cake. This is a lemon cake with my traditional buttercream. It is super yummy if you like lemon cake!!!

60th birthday cake

I received a call for a cake for a 60th birthday. They were doing bright colors and doing all kinds of retro things for the party. We decided to go with the bright summer colors with some big gerber daisies. I though it turned out super cute!

Damask and baby pink cake

This cake was for a baby shower. The shower hostess themed it around the baby's nursery which is black and white damask with touches of baby pink. The cake turned out really cute but it tooked wonderful at the house. She had the same damask fabric from the cake running down the table and had a damask table cloth on the cake table. It was beautiful!

Hummingbird cake

I made this for a family renunion. I didn't jazz it up much but this can be made with borders to make it a little prettier. I have this cake listed in my flavors but I know that no one knows what it is. This is a bannana nut cake with cream cheese and peacan icing. It is sooo yummy! It's a family favorite and everyone that tries it loves it!

Happy Birthday Nanny

This was for my grandmother's birthday. The colors didn't come across well in the photo for some reason. It was a very pretty bright yellow with hot pink and white flowers and aqua trim. Happy Birthday to my sweet Nanny! We love you!