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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Topsy-turvy 16th birthday cake

One of my best customers wanted a cake for her step daughter's birthday. She was having a hawaiian pool party for her sweet 16. I talked to the birthday girl and got ideas for what she wanted and I love how it came together. Her stepmom said she was almost in tears when she saw it!

Ariel cake

A mother contacted me about making a cake for her daughter. Her daughter's birthday is a few days away from Christmas. So, she decided to have a party at her halfway mark so people would be able to attend and not have to work around holiday schedules. Her daughter loves Ariel so that's what we did.

Butter cream with hand drawn, sugar, and accessory pieces.

Elephant cake

I had a request for a 3rd birthday for a boy who LOVES elephants. The mom decided to go with a big 3D elephant and decided to make him a baby elephant. I love him, he is just too cute!!

Chocolate cake with butter cream icing and
fondant accents.

Charlie Brown and snoopy cake

I received a special request for Snoopy's dog house as a cake with an added Snoopy, Woodstock, and Charlie Brown. I think they all turned out super cute!

Dog house is butter cream with fondant accents.
The characters are fondant and gumpaste.

Charlie Brown and snoopy cake

This was for a baby shower for one of our beloved missionary families at our church. They happened to be in the states while she was pregnant. We are so happy for this sweet family and their newest addition to the world!

Butter cream with chocolate baby booties

Tropical wedding shower cupcakes

A friend asked for some tropical cupcakes for a wedding shower. The couple are honeymooning to the beach and so we make them some special cupcakes to celebrate!

Tropical flowers

Palm trees in the sand

Beach balls and umbrellas on the sand

Two special cupcakes for the bride and groom.
Sun bathing on the beach.

Baseball cake

Here is a cake any ball player would love. A giant baseball on the diamond!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baseball cupcakes

For the Pirates 2010 trophy ceremony, I made our little ball players special cupcakes. Personalized cupcakes for each player with the team name and some baseballs as well.

Twilight Cake

A fellow Twilight lover, asked for a Twilight cake for her birthday.  The only thing not pictured here is the chess piece she had at her house.  I may have to make myself one of these for my next birthday!

Butter cream with hand drawn accents and
fondant accents.
Birthday girl's intials on front.

Book titles circling the cake with book cover
accents, flower, apple, ribbon, and missing
chess piece.

Top view of cake.

Super heros birthday cake

For one of my son's best pal's birthday, his mom asked for a super hero cake. His favorites are Spiderman and Batman so that's what we did. It turned out really cute and the birthday (and his mommy) loved it! Thanks for the super fun, super heros party!!

Butter cream with hand drawn and fondant accents.
City scapse done with chocolate and fondant.